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Tesi etd-06052018-083439

Thesis type
Tesi di laurea magistrale
Design and Implementation of a Testing Equipment for Space Giga-bit Serial Link on National Instruments PXI platform featuring a Kintex 7 FPGA
Corso di studi
relatore Prof. Fanucci, Luca
relatore Ing. Dello Sterpaio, Luca
Parole chiave
  • Kintex-7
  • PXI platform
  • Testing Equipment
  • FPGA
  • National Instruments
Data inizio appello
secretata d'ufficio
Data di rilascio
Riassunto analitico
SpaceFibre is the next generation space high-speed communication protocol standard for ESA spacecraft.
Main interest of Aerospace Industry is the possibility to have available reliable, comprehensive and low cost testing environment as LabVIEW.
SpaceFibre protocol is on its final step of standardization and since public review ended in May 2018, final release is expected by the end of the same year.
Nowadays there is only a testing-equipment market available for SpaceFibre, but it is not available on the widely used National Instruments Environment.
To address these needs, a LabVIEW integrated system appears as a very interesting solution to provide a user-friendly and powerful compact yet comprehensive product for SpaceFibre testing purpose on National Instruments PXI Platform.

This thesis discusses in details the work carried out by the examinee at the VLSI Laboratory of Pisa University.
In the early pages of this document, background of on-board spacecraft communication will be presented introducing the role of the next generation SpaceFibre standard in the space industry scenario.
Chapter one illustrates reference design, the SpaceWire Link Analyser, starting point architecture of this work thesis. The section gives an overview of the entire system.
Chapter two describes enhancement objectives, planning activities concerning how the integration of SpaceFibre Codec in the complex testing system SpaceWire Link Analyser has been possible. Firstly, complexity custom designing with National Instruments PXI platforms and all the hardware support needed to design, verify and validate the architecture will be described. Then, main body of the work will illustrates component to add for enhancement of previous architecture, and their implementation in LabVIEW Environment.
Chapter three, finally, will explained validation plan adopted illustrating all validation steps and integration tests carried out in order to verify the effectiveness of the developed solution.