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Tesi etd-05182011-113621
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Tipo di tesi Tesi di laurea specialistica
URN etd-05182011-113621
Titolo On modelling and control of multiple limb manipulation systems for robotics
Settore scientifico disciplinare INGEGNERIA
Nome Commissario Qualifica
Antonio Bicchi relatore
Andrea Caiti controrelatore
Parole chiave
  • to do
Data inizio appello 2011-06-10
Disponibilità mixed
Data di rilascio2051-06-10
Riassunto analitico
The grasping and manipulability force decomposition, the mobility analysis, the role of elastic tendon actuation
and synergic control in multiple whole limb manipulation, are investigated. Starting with an introductive
preamble on the relevant properties of robotic grasping, a bottom-up method will be followed in order to
extend existing theories towards more comprehensive applications, such as, robotic grasping involving arbitrarily
complex parallel structure and synergic control. Thanks to the results obtained from the above
topics, the robotic manipulation area will be linked subsequently with the studies of general structure robot.
In order to allow a quick reproducibility of presented solutions a Matlab functions package have been programmed.
This package made possible to analyze many conguration that are considered o-limits for the
pre-existing theories and represent the core of a new (L)GPL-covered toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink and
ScicosLab/Scicos that is being developed at UNIPI. The solutions presented in this work and the implemented
package can be used, not only for the analysis of already existing structures, but also for planning
and comparison of new proposed architecture. Then, according to desired criteria, dierent types of actuation
can be compared to obtain the chance to validate (or not) a grasp (the whole system or the manipulation
structure) with respect to another towards the denition of an "optimum".
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