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Tesi etd-11102011-202649

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Tesi di laurea specialistica
Study of internal flow on a multi-megawatt wind turbine blade
Corso di studi
relatore Prof. Maganzi, Marco
relatore Prof. Lombardi, Giovanni
Parole chiave
  • wind turbine
  • CFD
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Riassunto analitico
This degree thesis is part of the studies on wind energy. <br>The company that has proposed this work is the XEMC Darwind. <br>Darwind’s operations have been fully integrated with those of XEMC WINDPOWER. <br>XEMC Darwind is developing a unique, top-down bottom-up, 5 MW offshore, Direct Drive <br>Permanent Magnet wind turbine generator with a diameter of 115 meters at 90 <br>meters hub height. The XD115 wind turbine is in fact heir to the Dutch wind energy and <br>offshore tradition. <br>XEMC Darwind believes that offshore locations require ad hoc sealed and <br>robust technology, designed for low cost installation, logistics and low cost maintenance &amp; <br>service throughout the lifetime of the turbine. This degree thesis becomes part of this project in <br>relation to the interaction between the flows of air between the inside and the outside of the LM 55.4 P blade. <br>The rotation in blade is too high, about 18 rpm. This is the difference between Darwind’s <br>turbine and the others companies. This means that the blade is subject to high centrifugal force. For this force inside the blade builds up a pressure gradient from <br>the bulkhead to the tip. Our studies investigate if this gradient is dangerous for the <br>blade in term of static resistance of the bulkhead and if there is a leakage and where is <br>that leakage. Because the position of leak is important for the pressure gradient. <br><br>The work is developed in the follow point. <br><br>• Preliminary studies of bulkhead pressure in different situation. <br>• Studies of drain holes resistance <br>• Studies of diffuser resistance<br>• Experimental test in Hammelev, Denmark <br>• Elaboration of experimental data and estimation of leakage <br>• CFD simulation of blade in operative conditions