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Tesi etd-09242014-111712

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Tesi di laurea magistrale
High brilliance X-gamma ray sources based on LASER-matter interaction at high intensities
Corso di studi
relatore Prof. Giulietti, Danilo
relatore Dott. De Angelis, Riccardo
Parole chiave
  • ABC
  • Laser
  • ENEA
  • Thomson Backscattering source
Data inizio appello
Riassunto analitico
In this work of thesis, the topic of new X-ray sources based on LASERs and plasmas has been addressed. Experimental activities on design and realization of such X and γ ray sources are nowadays in place in Frascati (Rome), specifically at the ABC facility of the ENEA center and at the FLAME facility of the LNF. Two kinds of radiation have been studied within this work: the Thomson Backscattering radiation, both in the All Optical and LASER- LINAC configurations, and the plasma Betatron radiation. The Thomson backscattering theory was developed and illustrated, where how to take into account of the LASER pulse shape and of the electrons beam divergence, in the calculation of the total number of irradiated photons was showed. A feasibility study has been carried out about the Thomson Backscattering source whose design is in progress at the ENEA ABC facility, in the LASER-LINAC configuration. Detailed calculations and estimates about radiation spectra, total number of radiated photons and spatial distribution are reported in chapter 2. The same work has been done for the LASER-LINAC Thomson Backscattering source which is under realization at the LNF SPARC lab. A rather diffuse work on Thomson X-γ ray sources in the All Optical configuration has been carried out, in perspective of realizing such a kind of source also in the physical research area of Frascati. For what concerns the betatron radiation, currently studied in the FLAME facility, a theory was illustrated in order to better understand its origin, together with some peculiar characteristics in terms of spectra and geometry of radiation. Furthermore, several applications of the betatron radiation in the fields of LASER-plasma acceleration and X-ray imaging have been showed and reported. The work of this thesis has been mainly developed within the vivid experimental activity of the ABC facility. In fact, I took part in this activity in order to improve my knowledge and experience in the experimental field of LASER-matter interaction at high intensities, where the new X-γ ray sources discussed above are naturally inserted. For this reason, I have focused my activity on the X-ray detection in LASER-plasma experiments, just in perspective of realizing a source based on LASERs, LINACs and plasmas. An absolute calibration in the X-ray range of three types of Imaging Plates has been effectuated in the X-ray laboratory of the ENEA center. Furthermore, Imaging Plates and X-ray pin diodes have been exploited for the reconstruction of radiation<br>spectra and for measurements of plasma temperature, in the ABC facility. It is understood that the reconstruction of radiation spectra and the measurement of the temperature of a radiation source, are important means to characterize it. Of course, they will be candidates to be exploited in the implementation phase of the new LASER-plasma based X-ray sources within the Frascati area.