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Tesi etd-09042013-090528

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Neutrinos from Dark Matter annihilation inside the Sun
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relatore Prof. Strumia, Alessandro
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Under the hypothesis that Dark Matter is made of weakly interacting massive particles which surround us,<br>we expect to see a signal of its presence in the form of a flux of highly energetic neutrinos coming from<br>the center of the Sun, where they are created in the process of DM-DM annihilation into Standard Model particles.<br>An overdensity of DM particles is expected there, since they can get trapped by Sun&#39;s gravity after<br>occasional scatterings with nuclei. <br><br>The detailed calculation of this flux is of crucial importance in the research field of Dark Matter<br>indirect detection. In this work we compute it for a broad range of DM masses and for all annihilation channels<br>into Standard Model particles, keeping track of both high and low energy neutrinos. Neutrino spectra at<br>production region, which we computed by means of Geant and corrected taking into account the electroweak effects,<br>are definitely not spectra which reach the Earth surface. So we follow the travel of neutrinos to reach Earth,<br>computing oscillations, matter effects and absorption, important for energetic neutrinos.<br>We also compute in detail the rate for capture of Dark Matter particles by the Sun which, under the plausible <br>assumption that capture and annihilation equilibrate, fixes the number of annihilation events per unit time:<br>they are half of the capture rate.<br><br>The final result will be a public code presenting the energy spectra of neutrino mass eigenstates before crossing<br>the Earth, together with a code that computes flavour spectra after having crossed the Earth with a generic zenith angle.