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Tesi etd-04012009-193655

Thesis type
Tesi di laurea specialistica
Management e business di una community: il caso Ciaopeople.
Corso di studi
Relatore Mori, Luca
Relatore Prof. Guidi, Marco Enrico Luigi
Parole chiave
  • rete
  • social network
  • web marketing
  • community
  • seo
  • management
  • internet
  • business
Data inizio appello
Riassunto analitico
The dissertation deals with the management of a social network, both in a marketing perspective, or in a technical and in an information one. The phenomenon social network is observed through an optics made in Italy, from the case Ciaopeople, a company in start up on the national market that is just getting a great success. Through the analysis of Ciaopeople we can observe the phenomenon that assail the user and we can yield the bases for a correct management of a social networking website and of a community overall.
The first chapter deals with the history of the website, that is the base of, and with all offers that make possible the launching of the new platform. It follows an attentive analysis of the target according to the rules of marketing, anthropology and sociology to get acquainted with social-demographic and behavioral variables which characterized the target. Soundings and researches consent to find the success key in the Neapolitan culture. Subsequently, it exposes the lunching of the website, the putting on line phase and the offers which the company proposes to its target. In the following chapter it discusses about the problem of assessment of a social network. In the fifth chapter it exposes all SEO technics for the optimization of the web site on the search engine. In the last chapter it proposes a study about the community management, according to the open source world, with a particular reference to the case Joomla!
The result obtained by the study of permit to guess at increasing the business of a social network is necessary to extend navigation purposes of the user, making possible that he moves on the web according to a research logic opposite to an inertial navigation. In this way, it will take advantage of possibilities offered by the contextual advertising and also the mass media model will bring to great return on the investment.