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Tesi etd-04172011-151012
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Tipo di tesi Tesi di laurea specialistica
URN etd-04172011-151012
Titolo Kayaking-Surfing Wave for a Wide Range of Flows
Settore scientifico disciplinare INGEGNERIA
Nome Commissario Qualifica
Prof. Valerio Milano relatore
Prof. Peter Rutschmann correlatore
Parole chiave
  • wave
  • hydraulic jump
Data inizio appello 2011-05-09
Disponibilità mixed
Data di rilascio2051-05-09
Riassunto analitico
This Thesis wants to create a kayaking- surfing standing wave on Isar River in Munich, Germany.
The aim is to achive a hydraulic jump for a wide range of flows that respects physic and shape conditions for kayakers and surfers at the same time.
There are different shapes of hydraulic jumps. The Undular/Weak Jump, Froude Number 1.7, has the steepest shape. It is appropriate for short boards and kayaks. Increasing the Froude Number the shape become less steep than before, thus it is possible to use a different kind of board, e.g. a long board.
Composing the two previous waves in one, it is possible to play surfing on the same spot in different ways.
The Thesis reached the fixed aim to achieve a surfing-kayaking wave for a wide range of flows, combining two different geometries : the first one gives a wave with Froude Number over than 1.7 for two hundred days per year; the second one gives a wave with Froude Number 1.7 for each discharge. We obtained a standing wave where is possible play surfing with different kind of board and play kayaking surfing, who works for two-hundred days per year.
The geometry was modeled using two software: HEC-RAS 1D by US Army Corps of Engineers, for the rough approximations of boundaries and Flow 3D by Flow Science Inc, for the three dimensional numerical simulations for the hydraulic jump analysis.
This project was developed by numerical model. It has to be checked by physic model. After the realization in site, the surfers can check which is the best board/kayak to play surfing.
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