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Tesi etd-04122011-154755
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URN etd-04122011-154755
Titolo Battery, Hybrid and Fuel-Cell Propulsion Systems
Settore scientifico disciplinare ING-IND/33 - SISTEMI ELETTRICI PER L'ENERGIA
Nome Commissario Qualifica
Prof. Massimo Ceraolo tutor
Parole chiave
  • hybrid vehicles
  • fuel-cell
  • battery
Data inizio appello 2011-05-02
Disponibilità unrestricted
Riassunto analitico
The main purpose of the Research is theoretical and experimental evaluation of electric propulsion systems: pure electric ones, fed exclusively by electrochemical energy storage, hybrid electric, in which the power for propulsion comes from different sources, and fuel cell-based vehicles.
These studies were carried on through an extended modelling and experimental activity, related to:
• Modelling and experimental activities on electrochemical storage systems and super-capacitors, to evaluate their performance and to better individuate the optimal sizing for usage on-board electric and hybrid vehicles.
• Design and realisation of a Fuel-Cell based vehicle, starting from the design of the propulsion system, for which dedicated models in Matlab-Simulink® environment were specifically realised, coming to an extended laboratory test activity for all the components, specially for the Fuel-Cell System.
• Design of a complete line of electric and hybrid buses, based on the modelling of the propulsion system in collaboration with the manufacturer, through the usage of new object-oriented modelling techniques realised in Dymola-Modelica® environment. After evaluating different energy management strategies, an exhaustive comparison with conventional and electric pure versions has been carried on.
The PhD Thesis, after an introduction about innovative propulsion systems, describes in detail all the activities presented, trying to summarise general techniques of design and management for hybrid vehicles.

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