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Tesi etd-09112007-183555

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Tesi di laurea specialistica
Cipollini, Paola
Analysis and Improvement of the Critical Parameters Management Process: the PII GE Oil&Gas Case Study
Corso di studi
Relatore Prof. Braglia, Marcello
Relatore Ing. Pullan, Steve
Relatore Dott. Frosolini, Marco
Parole chiave
  • pipeline
  • critical parameters
  • inspection tool
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Riassunto analitico
Chapter 1 gives general information about PII, describing where it is located into the GE’s business segment and which are its products and services. Moreover, specific attention has been given to the PII’s site in Cramlington, where the essay has been developed.
In Chapter 2 the problem statement has been illustrated. In order to better understand the aim, it shows some background information about the Analysis Process, why some parameters are so important, and the path that they do/perform from the client requirement to the dispatch of the final report.
Chapter 4 outlines the global process for processing and analysing pipeline inspection data. A lot of the critical parameters are handled during this process, this is why a specific chapter has been reserved for it. Moreover, will be outlined the main document used in the process of collection of the parameter.
The project has took place in six months, and this amount of time is undoubtedly not enough to analyse and improve all the process necessary to gather the parameters. Therefore, Chapter 4 focuses the analysis on the problems highlighted in the previous chapters and set from them a solution or improvement.
In Chapter 5 has been be explained the protocol achieve in order to monitor and reduce the number of missing parameters identified previously. To do that, a step backwards must be taken, analysing the former phases of the ILI process and their parameters.
Finally, in Chapter 6 has been presented a brief summary of the task. The inaccuracies founded by the candidate have been listed and illustrated with they causes and consequences and, ultimately, the recommendations suggested by the candidate and the actions undertaken by the company are described on their main points.