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Tesi etd-07152015-110544

Thesis type
Tesi di dottorato di ricerca
Dexterous grippers: between simple industrial grippers and complex robotic hands
Settore scientifico disciplinare
Corso di studi
tutor Prof. Bicchi, Antonio
tutor Prof. Fantoni, Gualtiero
Parole chiave
  • autonomous grasp
  • active surfaces
  • grasping
  • Gripper
  • in-hand manipulation
Data inizio appello
Riassunto analitico
This thesis addresses the issue of introducing dexterity, namely the ability to manipulate objects in hand, into simple mechanical grippers. Among the many possibilities to give dexterity to a gripping device we opted to intervene at the finger-pad surface since it is the part of the end effector directly in contact with the object to be manipulated.

The first contribution is the development of an under-actuated gripper with Active Surfaces on the inner side of the fingers which allow to in-hand manipulate the grasped objects. The gripper, named Velvet Fingers, was designed from the theoretical concepts, manufactured, assembled and then turned into an applicative scenario.

A second main contribution of this thesis, carried out in collaboration with AASS Research Center, of the University of \"Orebro (Sweden), is a grasp execution routine using the Active Surfaces of the Velvet Fingers to achieve a robust power grasp starting from an initial fingertip grasp. This routine is very useful and effective in cluttered environment where an initial fingertip grasp is much more likely to be feasible than a bulky power grasp.

The third main contribution is the development of a small gripper for small household objects such as cans, small bottles, little boxes, tennis balls etc. This gripper, named Velvet-II, is able to perform in-hand manipulation tasks, to elicit information from the grasped object, namely the contact point location and the components of the grasping forces and to detect incipient slippage between the gripper and the object. Within a collaboration with AASS Research Center the gripper has been employed on a robotic platform for autonomous picking and palletizing.