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Tesi etd-01242013-153743

Thesis type
Tesi di laurea magistrale
Indagine idrogeologica finalizzata all'approvvigionamento idropotabile nell'area dell'acquedotto di Filettole-Ripafratta (Pi)
Corso di studi
relatore Prof. Puccinelli, Alberto
relatore Prof. Giannecchini, Roberto
correlatore Dott. D'Amato Avanzi, Giacomo Alfredo
Parole chiave
  • permeabilità
  • rilievo
  • idrostrotturali
  • idrogeologia
  • idrogeologico
  • fratture
  • conducibilità
  • carta
  • bilancio
  • spartiacque
Data inizio appello
Data di rilascio
Riassunto analitico
The subject of the following thesis is a hydrogeological survey whose purpose is to be able to identify an aquifer to supply drinking water to the aqueduct of Filettole-Ripafratta, in the province of Pisa.
To carry out this survey, a search of bibliographic data was performed, relating to the area in question, subsequently for a better understanding of the permeability of the rocks and sediments, it is essential for the management of water resources and in order to have a full comprehension of the hydrogeological conditions of the area, an elaboration of a permeability map was carried out.
For an utmost understanding of the examined area, we calculated a hydrogeological balance study that enabled an estimation of water inflow and outflow of a hydrological basin. From this study, we obtain a precipitation surplus amounting to 32981150 To explain the cause of this surplus, two causes are hypothised: the first due to the
amount of water drawn from wells in the field of Filettole, causing a loss of water which would thus reduce the gap between the quantity of precipitation and the evatranspiration plus infiltration and run-off. The influence of the river Serchio can also cause changes in the formula balance, therefore, the river may draw from the aquifer. This phenomenon owing to lack of quantitative data is not observed directly in this case.
These two hypotheses can be causes or contributing factors to the surplus of precipitation found in the calculation of the water balance.
This latter consideration has recommended a further study of the hydrogeological characteristics of the portion of the aquifer under investigation, through a survey of joints on the surface. The survey that was carried out made it possible to determine the hydraulic conductivity in different sites, located on Mount Maggiore, through the reconstruction of discontinuity lattice geometry.
The values ​​of hydraulic conductivity obtained from joint measurements refers to the most superficial part of the cluster, affected by Carsic phenomenon. For the latter it is possible to bind the values ​​of permeability and hydraulic conductivity, that result varying in a range between 6.67*10^-7 and 6.08*10^-3 regarding the permeability and 0.05 cm / s and 595.96 cm / s for the hydraulic conductivity. From this elaboration and based on the analysis of the joint surface of the Maiolica limestone rock imply that such lithology appears to have a very high permeability in all the studied sites.